Innovative products


Relying on the connecting system…

At Werkhaus we’ve been connected for almost over 20 years now:  Staff and products. The connecting system is more up-to-date than ever and always surprises with new ideas. Whether it is DIN-A4 filing systems, marketing displays, photo- stools or a pencil box – at Werkhaus function and design are inseparable. Since our founding in 1992, from our home on northern Germany’s Luneburg Heath, Werkhaus GmbH has been producing environmentally friendly and innovative products for your office and home as well as displays and optical toys. With ultra-modern CAD/CAM– technology and digital printing Werkhaus GmbH turns a simple piece of fibreboard into a colourful designed item that is functional, robust and affordable. The composition of material, design and modularity creates the formula for ecological responsibility: All Werkhaus products with the inventive connecting system are made of natural and environmentally friendly materials (wood, paper & rubber rings) that can be easily separated from each other and recycled. 


Social responsibility


At Werkhaus, the rich variety of our product line is matched by the rich variety of our people. From the- meanwhile- 170 employees from 7 different nations 12 % are limited by physical or emotional disabilities. From the start Werkhaus has been committed to a work environment that is accessible and open to people with disabilities and job descriptions that match the capabilities of the employees. As a company, who trains apprentices, Werkhaus successfully invests in our young people, currently training 19 apprentices in 6 different professions. Werkhaus is proud to be a family- friendly company. With individual agreements and work schedules, Werkhaus allows their employees to create a better work-life balance. This successful example of integration that Werkhaus practices day by day is a win-win-situation for employees and the company. In this area Werkhaus is a model to follow and is encouraging other companies to explore new avenues and to grow employment in order to reverse the trend of migration away from our area.

Made in Germany


The whole production - from a bright idea up to the final product - is entirely in our hands. Our products are meanwhile available in different shops in Hamburg, Berlin, Hanover, Lüneburg and Uelzen. We develop and produce everything deliberately and exclusively in our own manufacturing plant in the Luneburg Heath. The Werkhaus production works in shifts. Of course in all areas outsourcing is out of the question. Instead Werkhaus grows employment and with all its activities it protects the infrastructure of the rural area and supports the local economy. Everything from a single source, 100% made in Germany!  

Green ambitions


20 environmentally sustainable years- sensitive handling of environment and resources

Since its foundation Werkhaus has shown through their vivid products and projects that eco-friendly standards in combination with an ambitious design do not have to be a niche product. The materials are local fibreboards in E0 and E1 quality standards as well as FSC–certified and recycled paper, the colours and waxes are  solvent-free and do not contain any toxic or hazardous substances. Werkhaus GmbH works with reduced CO2 emissions in production and transport. The efficient production process uses little energy. The electricity comes from “Greenpeace Energy” exclusively from renewable energy sources.  The small amount of wood trimmings is used in our own wood-fired heating plant. The products are sold in single units in flat packaging and are delivered as “go green” packages. The parts availability guarantee makes it possible to repair the product, maintain its value and produce less waste.