How do I fasten wooden boxes to the wall?

Shelves made of wooden boxes are decorative, brighten up your living area and provide space for treasures. You can always change and upgrade them as you wish. Floating wall shelves made of wooden boxes add more storage space, look beautifully light and best of all, they do not collect dust on the floor. To attach a wooden WERKBOX to the wall, you need a matching wall bracket from the WERKBOX shelf accessories or strong screws and matching dowels.

On which wall would you like to hang a shelf made of wooden boxes?

Wanhalterung für Holzkisten | WERKBOX Regalsystem
Attach your wooden box WERKBOX to the wall with a wall bracket!

The first question is on which wall the wooden boxes should hang. Is it a solid brick wall, a lightweight wall, or a wall with wooden paneling? It is best to do a knock test. A brick wall is often plastered with bricks or Ytong underneath. Lightweight walls consist of a wooden or metal framework and are sealed with sheetrock or wooden boards. These sound dull and hollow when tapped. For lightweight walls with sheetrock sheathing or Ytong core, you might need special dowels for cavities that are located behind the sheetrock or for cracking surfaces. These dowels are available at the DIY store around the corner. The wall mounting kit from WERKHAUS includes 4 universal dowels with the matching screws, which are sufficient in most cases.

Welches Werkzeuge benötige ich, um Holzkisten an der Wand zu befestigen.
Tools for hanging wooden boxes on the wall

What tools do I need?

    • Drill and/or cordless screwdriver
    • Hoover
    • 8mm drill bit
    • Torx bit – Tx 20 for the enclosed screws. This bit is in a well-equipped bit set
    • Spirit level
    • Hammer
    • Folding rule
    • Pencil

How do I get started?

Once you have found a nice place for the wall shelf made of wooden boxes, determine the height where the boxes should hang. Make a small mark with a pencil at this point. Now hold the long wall rail from the WERKBOX wall bracket set on the mark on the wall and place the spirit level there.

How do I align a wall rail with a spirit level?

You need a spirit level to align objects horizontally and vertically. In this case, it is placed directly on the wall rail. Every spirit level has a so-called bubble in the middle. This is a compartment filled with a liquid in which a single air bubble floats. There are two marks in the middle of the compartment. As soon as the air bubble floats centrally between the marks, the object is horizontally aligned and thus level. Once the wall rail is aligned with the spirit level, mark the four drill holes of the wall rail on the wall with a pencil.


Attention – safety first: Before drilling any holes, make sure that there are no cables in the area! Never drill above or below sockets without the advice of a professional, as cables often run along them. Tie up long hair before using tools with rotating parts!

How do I drill a hole in the wall?

After making sure that there are no live wires under the marks and that the hair is tied up high, you need the right drill bit depending on the wall texture. For solid stone walls, there are masonry drill bits. These drill bits are blunt and have no sharp edges. Alternatively, wood drill bits or universal drill bits may be the right choice. In addition, the diameter of the drill should correspond to the diameter of the dowels to be used. If you use the WERBOX shelf accessories, the diameter is 8 mm. The drill bit is now put in the drill chuck of the drill. After fixing it, place the drill at 90° to the wall on the marked spot and drill the four holes at least 51 mm deep into the wall. Attention: With a plasterboard wall, no holes are drilled; there, special dowels are screwed into the wall with a thread like a screw.

Smart and clever knowledge:

Each dowel has the correct diameter for the drill bit and the drilling depth. For example, it says 8/51 on our universal dowel. So, the drill has a diameter of 8mm and has to drill at least 51mm into the wall!

How do I hammer a dowel into the wall?

After drilling, the dowel is placed in the holes and carefully driven in with a hammer until it sits flush in the wall.

Mounting the wall rail:

Holzkiste an die Wand Schrauben - So geht's!
This is how you fix a wooden box to the wall!

You can now screw the wall rail into the dowels using the included screws and the cordless drill with the Tx-20 bit. As soon as the screw is in the dowel, it stretches the dowel, and the dowel is firmly fixed in the wall

Wie werden die Holzkisten mit der Wand-Schiene verbunden?How are the wooden boxes connected to the wall rail?

Wandhalterung für Hängeregale aus Holzkisten | Regalsystem WERKBOX Wandhalterung für Holzkisten | Regalsystem WERKBOX

Wandbefestigung für Holzkisten
Wandschiene für die Holzkiste WERKBOX

The wooden box WERKBOX already has holes in the back for mounting it on the wall. Use a hammer to tap the threads from the wall bracket set into the upper holes from the inside (inside the wooden box!!!). From the back, first hold the flat board and then the board with the 45° slope over the holes and fix the screws with the included Allen key through the boards into the driven-in threads and countersink them firmly.

Wandhalterung mit Holzkiste | WERKHAUS

Now you can put the boxes over the wall rail, and they will hang where you want them. To prevent the wooden boxes from sliding, secure them with the small wood screws from the wall bracket set. You fix them from the inside of the wooden box at the height of the wall rail through the back wall into the rail and thus secure the box from falling.

So kannst du Holzkisten mit Wandhalterung ander Wand befestigen
How do I attach wooden boxes to the wall with a wall bracket?

The wooden boxes hang!

Plan your wall shelf now with the analogue WERKBOX shelf configurator !

This way to the WERKBOX wall bracket for wooden boxes!

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