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Rollable exhibition system

Werkhaus presents a very attractive and cost effective module for exhibitions which is easy to install and dismantle. Our rollable exhibition module comes on wheels in a timeless “wood design” and can be easily customized:
different colours, additional features and exchangeable banners for your personal branding that you can reuse for many different events. Large drawers and optional transport boards guarantee a huge storage space for products, exhibitions materials, drinks and more.




The exhibition modules that are made of three-layered wood save time and money. To make the transport easier the modules are exactly the same size as a pallet
- so no more extra costs for bulky goods. With their solid high-quality wheels the modules can be placed easily on the exhibition stands with no more extra work.
Our lighting solutions are a ready to use plug and play system with low power consumption. And even at the end of the fair the Werkhaus exhibition module saves time and money: Within 45 minutes it can be packed ready for shipment - very simple and without help from the external fair staff or an additional team. We can also provide a ladder and tension belts for transport.
With the Werkhaus exhibition modules you can design your own unique exhibition module. And here not only materials are sustainable but also costs, time, power consumption and transport.