We mainly work with MDF and HDF (medium density fibreboard and high density fibreboard). These solid wooden boards have a smooth surface and can be milled, coloured, laminated and printed.  We can also add a translucent or a transparent -to some extent flexible- synthetic material (Acrylic, PET, PP).


Some constructions or designs may need other materials, for example multiplex, bonded leather, aluminium, solid wood and many more. All our materials are eco-friendly in use.



The single units of your display are cut out from a large MDF board and grinded afterwards. Of course all individual inner and outer contours are possible. We can also cut out windows or letters and words.






We put every milled MDF component into the colouring machine by hand.  The colour of choice is applied with a roller – one coat or more- depending on the intensity you wish. You may choose from more than 30 eco-friendly standard colours that do not contain any toxic or hazardous substances. And just in case you don`t find the colour you like special colours are also possible. If you want to cover your coloured display with a varnish that protects and shines we offer you our UV hardening clear paint.



Our relaible network allows us to offer screen printing and coloured digital printing. With these techniques we can print directy onto the coloured wood. Embossing techniques and laser engravings can be used to highlight.



If you want to print a colourful graphic or a photo onto small boards, for example onto a plate, lamination is the ideal solution. The digital print on high quality paper (with the FSC ecolabel) is tightly glued onto the board that has been cut in shape before. The edges of the paper that protrude over the wooden board will be cut with a laser to get a clean and smooth finish. 

Laser cutting


Our laser cuts the most precise and accurate shapes into the boards. Again all imaginable inner and outer contours are possible. Due to the heat during the cutting process they will have a fine dark edge that can also be used as a design element.



According to your wishes we wrap every single display in solid cardboard- so they can be sent on with a parcel service. Smaller displays can be shrink-wrapped and cardboard-backed. So you can simply add the display to your product shipment. Every single display comes with an easy assembly instruction. Without any tools your customer can easily set up the display with the original Werkhaus connecting system. Or you can order loose displays. You can either assemble the display for your customer or wrap and send the assembled display that is equipped with the products.