10 May 2019: First WERKHAUS store in Southern Germany

We finally also settled down in the south: In Munich, we have opened our first Bavarian WERKHAUS shop at Hohenzollernstraße 65. In this shop you’ll find our clever shelving system WERKBOX as well as selected products from our best office and home accessories. With the first shop in Bavaria, we also celebrate the 10th WERKHAUS shop in Germany.

20 April 2019: Joining forces for sustainability

We are an official partner of the German Sustainability Award 2019. This award is given to companies who combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection. In 2017 we were among the top 3 of Germany's most sustainable brands. We gladly support this price!

Zum dritten Mal erhält WERKHAUS das Green Brands Siegel

26 March 2019: We are a Green Brand for the third time!
For the first, second and third time! We are very pleased to have been chosen again to the exquisite circle of Green Brands Germany. Once again, we mastered the detailed validation process very well. We strive to become even better in all areas. Many thanks to the Green Brands Organization for the appreciation.

June 2018: "destinature sites" funded by European Union
Experiencing nature with all your senses - in a camp of sustainable huts - that is the aim of the new WERKHAUS project "destinature sites". For this project WERKHAUS receives funding from "Landschaftswerte" of the state of Lower Saxony. The camp, which is to be built in Hitzacker (Elbe) in cooperation with the Archaeological Center Hitzacker, consists of cabins for overnight stays, an organic bistro and an outdoor sauna. The hut villages will be operated independently and ecologically. The focus of this kind of tourism is on experiencing nature and immersing yourself in the surrounding landscape

1 June 2018: Back at Dammtor station - our ninth shop is open
On Friday, June 1, 2018, we opened the doors of our new shop in Dammtor station in Hamburg. We had a pop-up store there before and are happy to be back now. Expect a small but fine selection of our products there.

8 December 2017: WERKHAUS among the top 3 at the German Sustainability Award

A special awareness of our environment and our employees have been our trademark for 25 years. Our commitment to sustainability has again been rewarded. We have been voted one of Germany's most sustainable brands in the Top 3 of the 10th German Sustainability Award. The German Sustainability Award honors companies that combine economic success with social responsibility and the protection of the environment, thus promoting the idea of a sustainable society in a special way.

13 November 2017: WERKHAUS receives Green Brand award for the 2nd time

For the second time, our commitment to sustainability has been honored with the Green Brand Germany award. At a ceremony of the brand marketing organization GREEN BRANDS in the Senckenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt, Eva and Holger Danneberg were awarded the prize. "We will not let go of our way of becoming even more sustainable, and we are delighted that GREEN BRANDS is rewarding this again," said Holger Danneberg.

20 October 2017: Our anniversary catalog wins German Design Award

We’ve put great effort into our anniversary catalog. This effort has left its traces: We are winners of the German Design Award of the German Design Council. The German Design Award honors innovative products and projects, their manufacturers and designers, who are groundbreaking in the German and international design landscape.

20 May to 10 September 10, 2017: WERKHAUS at Luther 2017
WERKHAUS is a sustainability partner in the celebration events of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Wittenberg. The transformation pavilion at the World Exhibition Reformation, which addresses topics such as climate change and the impact of human activity on the environment, has been equipped with our furniture. In addition, we are represented with a pavilion with a small, fine WERKHAUS assortment and Luther products until 10th September.

13 April 2017: WERKHAUS at the IGA Berlin 2017

Until October 15th, 2017, Berlin will host the largest garden festival in Germany and we are part of it! WERKHAUS shows its furniture under the label destinature in the special exhibition „Horizons“ addressing the key question of how we wish to live in the future. Furthermore we have sponsored stools for the IGA campus. Many kids will take a seat on these stools in the next months and find out more about nature.

20 February 2017: We are a GREEN BRAND again!

On BioFach, the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food in Nürnberg, we've been honored with the GREEN BRANDS SEAL for the second time. That means we make a major contribution to the environment by exploring new paths with regard to environmental and sustainable corporate management. This time we've even been better in our validation. We're very proud of this award which confirms our continuing efforts to improve our sustainability.

18 January 2017: „outsider“ becomes „destinature“

Almost one year ago we introduced our new outdoor product series. Under the label outsider we have developed furniture and planter boxes. Since the beginning of the year 2017 this brand has a new name: destinature. The reason for this change in naming: We’re currently planning more products and projects and believe that the new name fits better. Nature is our destination in all our activities, in short: destinature. With our stringent selection of sustainable materials and suppliers we want to protect nature – the destinature team develops ideas and projects for a relaxed life outdoors as well as indoors. Read more about the products.

13 January 2017: A closer look at our sustainability

We have just published our second sustainability report. We, again, took a closer look at sustainability in our business. We have reached many sustainability goals, which we set in our last report. We could, in particular, improve our electricity supply and waste disposal. Apart from this we optimized our transparency and communication structures. The report (in German only) can be downloaded here.

13 December 2016: Partner Company of the Biosphere Reserve ‘Niedersächsische Elbtalaue’

The Elbe River Landscape is one of the Biosphere Reserves which are recognized by the UNESCO. We support the protection of this natural and cultural landscape as official partner company. We commit ourself idealistically and in our practical management to a sustainable development of this region – like the other companies in this network. On December 13th, 2016 we received the Partner Certificate of the Biosphere Reserve.

30 November 2016: Hot of the press: Our Jubilee Catalogue is now available!

Our new catalogue is now available. It’s a very special edition. In 2017 Werkhaus will celebrate its 25 anniversary and thus we developed this big jubilee catalogue. With classics and novelties from our world of organizing, living and playing. Of course, we have included a great jubilee offer for you. Have a look here.

1 October 2016: Our fourth shop in Lower Saxony
On October 1st we have opened our next shop in the „lion city“ Braunschweig – in the shopping area Damm 28. In the second biggest city of Lower Saxony you can shop sustainable presents on two floors.

17 June 2016: We are winner of the German Brand Award
The „Rat für Formgebung/German Design Council“ has developed the German Brand Award in 2016 - the major German award for Industry Excellence in Branding. We are very happy about being announced „Winner“ in the category „Industry Excellence in Branding“. More than 200 guests from business, politics and media attended the Award on June 17th 2016 in Berlin.

29 January 2016: Twitter time

Follow us and check out the latest Tweets from Werkhaus. Ask us questions, stay up-to-date about our collection and promotions, or go to www.werkhaus.de/shop/ to start shopping.

7 October 2015: A very special award for Werkhaus
Balancing family and work life is not so easy. This is the reason why we are supporting our employees, so they can juggle their jobs with their family life and can develop personally and professionally. For all this we were awarded with the FaMi- Siegel for the second time now. And on top of that we have also received a special award, because it was also the second time we were awarded for being 100% family- friendly. SPD state parliament representative Mrs. Schröder- Ehlers gave the special award to Eva Danneberg our managing director and Daniela Weinand our sustainability representative on Wednesday. Thank you very much for this very special award!

1 September 2015: Amazing animals
Our quadrupeds not only make Werkhaus fans happy. At the consumer- goods fair "Tendence" in Frankfurt from Aug, 29 to Sept 01, 2015 they have also convinced the jury from the competition FORM- a design award for crafts and industry. The four-legged helpers were awarded for their innovative design, the product-oriented choice of materials and their functionality. Of course all the visitors had to find out about this. And that is why our quadrupeds- along with the other award- winning products- were presented during the whole fair at the FORM 2015 exhibition.



8 March 2015: How is the bestselling author Cornelia Funke connected with Werkhaus?
This is easy! The most successful German children's books author was travelling through Germany to present her latest "Reckless" novel called "Das goldene Garn". And here Cornelia Funke was not only accompanied by actor Rainer Strecker, but also by a mystic blue mirror-world- frame made by Werkhaus! As an experienced partner, we offer a wide range of high quality and customized products from individually designed gifts to customized displays, unique shop fittings and functional exhibition stands.

31 January 2015: Excellent filing systems
Our archive boxes are not only there to keep everything neat and tidy. For our archive box 5 in dark red the overall grade "very good" was given from the magazine Öko-Test in their issue 01/2015. 21 different storage accessories were tested for hazardous substances. With the spring cleaning we want to get rid of all the old burdens and don't want to bring new ones into our house. Anyway, we prefer to hide Easter eggs than hazardous substances!

1 December 2014: "Oh, how pinteresting!"
Excuse me? Pinterest! Pinterest is an online platform where you can find ideas for all sorts of projects put together on digital pinboards from users from all over the world. A lot of users already became aware of Werkhaus, follow us and pin our products on their pinboards. Join in and pin: www.pinterest.com/werkhaus1992.

October 2014 - situation: critical
Because of the threatening Ebola epidemic in West Africa the media have called for donations again and again.  So we have donated 2000€ to Doctors Without Borders - additionally to our monthly donation of 250 €. Because every single Euro helps! The link to your donation: https://www.aerzte-ohne-grenzen.de



On the road with the power of the sun
Since July 2014 we have encouraged the e-mobility of our employees and provided them with an e- bike fleet. At our on-site charging station powered by our photovoltaic system the e-bikes can be charged for free. So we reach our goal in three ways: With our active contribution to protect the environment, a better transport and the health of our employees- always fleet-footed and environmentally friendly!

Werkhaus produces eco- friendly solar electricity
On the 10th of April 2014 we have introduced a photovoltaics system in our company in Bad Bodenteich. For several weeks 816 solar modules (made in Germany!) have been installed on the roofs of the factory buildings covering an area of 3.500 m2 and generating 204kWp altogether. The electricity can be used for the production directly on-site. During peak production we can cover 80% of our electricity demands and 20% on average. Herewith we are taking a further step on our way to even more sustainability.

On 5 November 2013 the foundation of the Lüneburger Arbeitgeberverband (Employers' Association Lüneburg) awarded Werkhaus unanimously with this year's prize for training and innovation. The outstanding performances in training and the innovative production processes were the key criteria. Around a hundred guests were invited to the awards show. It was accompanied with music from the students a cappella group of the Lessing -Gymnasium (grammar school) Uelzen and with culinary treats from the students and teachers of the Oberschule Bad Bodenteich (grammar school).

The prize money of 2.500, - € was donated completely to World Vision for emergency assistance and reconstruction in the Philippines after the horrifying storm disaster.

In August the heath starts to flower. Until October this year you can visit the Pavilion "Lüneburger Heide" on the igs (international garden show) in Hamburg at the southernmost point of the garden show site. And as Werkhaus is green anyway and closely connected with the heathland region, it is no surprise at all that Werkhaus has sponsered the complete presentation area of the Pavilion. Honey and potatoes from the Luneburg Heath as well as moorlands and the Heath sheep are presented on the Werkhaus exhibition system. The shapes of individual single elements like the map of the Luneburg Heath and the wolf are cut out and printed in original colours. The stools that can be assembled very fast show the typical purple and rose-coloured Heath plants of the nature reserve.

New lights. Throughout the whole Werkhaus company. Again one step further on our way to more sustainability. Werkhaus invests more than 20.000 Euros and changes 495 fluorescent lamps into LEDs. The new LEDs reduce our energy supply by 60% which means we save 54.000 kWh energy per year and reduce 30 tons of CO2 (ref: German Federal Environmental Agency-guidelines 2011)

Not only in the Werkhaus shops you will find the Werkhaus connecting system. Just now the second Cangorino-Shop has been equipped with Werkhaus furniture in Konstanz (the first one is in Hamburg). The colours of the single elements perfectly match Cangorino. The measurements of the shelves are just right for the shoe boxes. High- quality standards all over. And Cangorino children`s shoes are presented light and playfully and that is how children will wear them. The modular and flexible Werkhaus system makes it possible to design all kinds of spaces. With lively colours, fitting sizes and individual prints we create inventive images in shops and on trade shows.

How do companies from the Wendland work together with designers from the universities of the big cities? How do we develop sustainable and innovative products and services that connect the expertise of local companies with the creativity and inventiveness of young talents? And as a result can we draw the attention to the district, build a long-term cooperation and obtain qualified employees? How do art and culture get involved here? The Grüne Werkstatt Wendland, which was founded last year by creative people and entrepreneurs from the district together with the economic activity-promoting and the local government of Lüchow- Dannenberg, wants to answer these questions. Werkhaus takes part together with over a dozen local companies: powerful and with passion.

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