wellness in the WERKHAUS sauna

Your personal spa on wheels!


Built on a trailer, the new WERKHAUS sauna can easily be transported to your favorite places - to the sea, to a lake, to a clearing in the woods. Or you put it up in your backyard or garden. Completely made of natural and sustainable materials, it offers you a natural feel-good experience.

Desk under construction

Heavy tasks require heavy equipment. The new WERKHAUS construction machines on their mission to tidy up are the right tools for a desk permanently under construction. With these cult objects, paper mountains are leveled and things easily shoveled away. There'll be no delays on this construction site. And maybe you also get to work.

Furnish your home in a modular style


Whether under a roof slope, in small or large rooms: With our stackable crates, you can flexibly furnish your home. Create an individual shelf, a sideboard or a desk. With the help of connectors and screw clamps, you can assemble the stackable boxes according to your taste. And if you need doors, drawers and shelves you can find the matching modules in our choice of Werkbox systems. Be inspired by various possible combinations on our website Werkbox-Labor.

Our pencil box shifts from road to rail

High traffic on German roads, we shift to rail - with our pencil box “steam engine”. The BR64, the model for our box, has been called "Einheitslokomotive". In 1928, the locomotive started service and traveled through the countryside at a top speed of 90 km / h. Until the 1970’s, the steam locomotive operated on secondary lines. Our pencil box offers a touch of nostalgia and a lot of space for writing utensils. Ideal for little and grown up engine drivers!

That’s the icing on the cake!


These cakes are a real eye catcher. They are a pretty and re-usable gift box for vouchers and small presents for Mother’s Day, Easter or the next wedding. Available in two sizes, as fruit, chocolate or cream cake and either with a candle or cream topping.