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With Werkhaus kaleidoscopes, motionscopes, prisms, dragon eyes and "Guckaugen"  the viewers' eyes look into a fascinating world full of breathtaking colours and fantastic reflections. 


Kaleidoscope - which means "beautiful watcher” in Greek - has fascinated old and young for more than 160 years now. Everything seems to be mixed together, unbelievably colourful and reflected a thousand times …



So beautiful


In Europe and the world the variety of our products is as unique as our production: Everything is produced in Germany- for over 20 years now- with high social commitment and is therefore 100 % “made in Germany”. Our kaleidoscopes are handmade step by step from strong cardboard tubes, unbreakable surface mirrors, solid metal lids and highly crafted facet lenses. We only use eco-friendly materials and our glues and colours do not contain any hazardous substances.