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Our destinature furniture series

Always sustainable

We produce our destinature products in the Wendland region. Far away from the major cities, we find the inspiration for our work in our office in Lüchow – in between nature, villages, and small towns. We make products and furniture for a relaxed life in- and outdoors. Far from the standard mainstream of mass-produced goods, we show that today’s living and gardening can be done differently: with a careful selection of materials, inspired design concepts and consistent sustainability.

destinature Indoor Sauna Minisauna

Nights under the stars

Our destinature Bed to Go is a true novelty. It is ideal to use as a cosy daybed or for dreaming under the stars at night. Thanks to the tyres mounted under the bed, the outdoor bed can be moved to any place where you wish to rest or sleep. Like a real bed, it is equipped with a mattress. Thanks to an insect screen, sleep-robbing insects are kept away. An adjustable weatherproof roof allows you to look outside or snuggle up in a cosy tent atmosphere.

Ein Bett-to-Go unterm Sternenhimmel

Hot hut

A highlight of our WERKHAUS destinature series is our outdoor sauna. You will be able to enjoy nature from its most relaxing side. The sauna comes in the well-proven WERKHAUS connecting system and is easy to assemble outdoors. Inside, up to four people can comfortably sit on adjustable benches to relax in the sauna. The sauna is available with or without a heater. If you like to move it to your favourite spot, you can also mount the sauna hut on a trailer and take it there. Would you like to try it out? Three saunas are located in our destinature village in Hitzacker!

destinature Sauna

Strong lightweights

THE alternative to beer tent furniture: the tables, chairs and benches in this furniture line are so lightweight that they can be easily carried to your favourite place. Koskisen’s sustainable birch plywood enables us to work with very thin material and still get maximum stability. This way we save resources, and you save your back when carrying them. The wood has a durable surface coating that withstands even a heavy rain shower. Thanks to the natural wood pattern, the garden furniture keeps its original look and is the ideal solution for indoors and outdoors.



The destinature garden

Whether it is a small balcony or a large garden, whether it is an herb pot or a spacious vegetable garden. The destinature series of raised beds and planters are the perfect way to enjoy growing and harvesting your own vegetables or flowers. Like all WERKHAUS products, the planters are assembled and set up quickly. If you also want to protect the biodiversity on your doorstep, you can choose from feeders, nesting boxes and hibernation shelters for hedgehogs.

Nachhaltige Hochbeete

Connected and well padded

Our seating furniture for home and garden is an excellent example of what we mean by product quality. The benches and armchairs combine functionality, design, and sustainability in a unique way. Combined with our pure wool or linen cushions, they quickly become a favourite place to chat, read or eat. The beach bench, octagonal table or armchair are unique and long-lasting companions that brighten up your life – consistently and sustainably.

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