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WERKHAUS philosophy

In our company, everything is connected

Great design, top quality, and affordable prices, all in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible production. Impossible? Not at WERKHAUS. Being active in the environmental community and the anti-nuclear movement before, it was clear to WERKHAUS founders Eva and Holger Danneberg that in their company they wanted to take responsibility for the environment and the society. Because everything is connected – we in the company, our use of resources, our employees and society as well as our whole environment.

Das orginal WERKHAUS-Stecksystem.

Have you all gone mad?

You develop and produce in Germany, where the wages are high and the regulations even higher. You want to make things that are beautiful, functional, and affordable at the same time. You want to work with people with disabilities and foreigners. And all this while you are organising your company according to ecological principles from front to back. Do you actually want to make money or save the world? Is there any chance of saving you? Honestly, have you gone crazy?

Is that crazy or just …

exceptionally different!

We have started in 1992 as a pioneer in environmental protection and continue to improve our climate and environmental performance every day. We use wood and paper from recycling, wood thinnings and sustainable forest management as well as non-toxic colours. We heat with offcuts and only use electricity from renewable energy sources. We cooperate with universities and initiatives and together we develop new ideas for a future worth living.

Holz aus nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft

extremely high standards!

We make trendsetting products out of sustainable materials and are constantly reinventing ourselves. All based on the simple and brilliant WERKHAUS connecting system. Here, single made-to-measure wooden units are fixed strongly with rubber rings without any screws or glue. The many possibilities for using the system range from long-lasting storage systems, furniture, decorative and gift items to the presentation of products and individual custom-made solutions. Colourful, functional and of high quality…

Eine Stiftebox in Form eines blauen Dinosauriers.

amazingly diverse!

We live diversity – also within the company. Our colleagues are as diverse as our green product range: people with physical or mental disabilities, experienced employees, trainees, and different nationalities work here. Our family business stands for equal rights and a healthy work-life balance. Because we have strong bonds with the region, we produce 100 % of our products in the Luneburg Heath and provide local jobs.

Mitarbeiter von WERKHAUS