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True pioneers

Sustainability is our standard

When the company has been founded in 1992, it’s been crystal clear to us that our products will be produced environmentally friendly and manufactured exclusively in our own company. From the very beginning, social and societal responsibility have been very important values for us. WERKHAUS therefore followed these principles long before “sustainability” became a big buzzword and companies increasingly adopted sustainable business practices. We are now seen as sustainability pioneers.

magnet Frosch

Our ecological standards

For WERKHAUS it is a must that all raw materials come from sustainable, certified production and mainly from Germany. They are free of toxins, harmful substances, and solvents.  The materials the products are made of (wood, paper, textiles, and rubber rings) are easy to separate and recycle. The connecting system – which is protected by copyright – reduces the packaging and shipping volume to a minimum. The products are sold flat-packed in single parts and delivered as “Go-Green” packages.

Eine Stiftebox im Stecksystem als VW T1

Environmentally friendly production

Since its founding in 1992, WERKHAUS is committed to environmentally friendly production and constantly seeks to minimise and optimise the use of resources. Along the entire value chain, we work in the most CO2-saving and energy-efficient ways possible. Electricity for production is also generated through our photovoltaic system, heat by heat recovery systems and the energy-efficient combustion of wood waste. When introducing new materials or processes, the environmental impact is evaluated in advance, giving equal weight to economic and social aspects.

Photovoltaikanlage auf dem Werksgelände von WERKHAUS in Bad Bodenteich

Social responsibility

By offering apprenticeships in different professions every year, we give young people a career perspective. By creating stable jobs, we contribute to keeping qualified professionals in the rural region. We make sure that families have a good balance between their private and professional lives. A healthy working atmosphere, flat hierarchies, participation, and training opportunities are very important to us. We want our employees to feel good in the company. We welcome people with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds. Integration is something we really live for at WERKHAUS.