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WERKBOX shelving system

Do it yours(h)elf!

Design your own individual and modular furniture with the WERKBOX shelving system by WERKHAUS. Whether in the office, in the children’s room or living room, simply combine the boxes as you wish to create a bookshelf, a desk or room divider. The wooden boxes can be combined in endless ways and come in a variety of colours. They always fit into your room and can be reassembled at any time. And if necessary, they are also great as a moving box.

Werkbox Regal Neon Tetris

Wooden boxes turn into shelves

The solid boxes in various sizes and shapes are quickly assembled into stable wooden shelving units according to your needs. WERKBOXES can be used to design modern shelving cubes, stepped shelves, CD shelves or the entire furniture in a room. An individual solution can be found for every area of the house. The attractive wood pattern of the boxes is highlighted with colour glazes and thus is a natural design feature. Uncoloured wooden edges put an accent to the WERKBOX design.


Doors, drawers and organizers

Additional shelf elements create useful storage space. Books, files and all kinds of knickknacks can be stored in drawers of different sizes or in functional sorting systems. Personal items can be stored safely behind lockable doors and drawers. All elements can also be exchanged at a later date, so that a WERKBOX shelf can always be adapted to individual requirements. Adjust the colour scheme using the fronts. Every year we expand our extensive range of shelving accessories with innovative add-ons.

Shelving accessories and add-ons


Every WERKBOX shelf is different, because with the help of our accessories it becomes an individual storage miracle. Shelf towers, furniture legs, plant stairs or mobile shelves can easily be designed with the appropriate accessories. In combination with shelf boards, the wooden boxes can become open and light-flooded room dividers. With the original WERKHAUS connecting system, entire shelf walls can be divided again and converted into a mobile shelf or a desk with an upper section.

WERKBOX basic module

Each shelf is unique 

Solid wooden boxes with the connecting system are the basic components for timeless wooden shelves and holistic living concepts.

Furnish your rooms sustainably

We only use wood from sustainable forestry and paints developed for children’s toys for our shelving range.

Enormous range

Create flexible shelving units, sideboards and shelving walls. Build your individual shelving unit from 20 different shelving modules, 11 colours and over 100 shelving elements.

Customer service & sales

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