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Materials and manufacturing of your display

Sustainable production in close collaboration with our customers is our priority. Please find the information on materials and the processes below.



We mainly work with three-layer wood panels, with MDF and HDF (medium and high-density fibreboard). The solid MDF and HDF fibreboards have a smooth surface and can be milled and coloured as well as printed and laminated. The display can be combined with a translucent or transparent, partly flexible plastic (acrylic, PET or PP). Certain constructions or designs require other materials, such as multiplex, leather fibre, aluminium, solid wood and many more. All our materials are environmentally friendly.

Laser in der WERKHAUS-Produktion


The single components of your display are cut out of a large MDF panel and sanded afterwards. All individual exterior or interior shapes are possible, including windows or cut-out lettering.


Afterwards the milled components are individually placed into a colouring machine by hand. The roller applies the colour of your choice to the boards – once or several times, depending on the colour intensity you prefer. You can choose from more than 30 non-toxic and environmentally friendly standard colours. Special colours are also available. Additionally, if you want to protect your coloured display with a glossy coating we can offer our UV-hardening clear coat.


Our high-tech printing machines enable us to also offer multi-colour digital printing. These techniques are used to print directly onto the (coloured) wood. If smaller panels are to be printed with colourful graphics or photos, for example as signs for the top, lamination is the ideal solution. The digital print on high-quality paper (with the FSC eco-label) is firmly glued to the pre-cut panel, and the edge of the panel is made clean and smooth thanks to the additional laser cut. If you want to print colourful graphics or photos on smaller panels, like for example on signs for the top, lamination is the ideal solution. The digital print on high-quality paper (with the FSC eco-label) is firmly glued to the pre-cut panel, and the final laser cut gives the edge of the panel is then given a clean, smooth finish by the.

Laser Cutting

The laser allows the finest parts and shapes to be “sawn out”. With our lasers, the most precise shapes can be cut out of the panels. Again, all imaginable external and internal shapes are possible. Due to the burning process during cutting, you get a fine dark edge, which can also be used for creative design.



If you wish, we can pack your displays individually in strong cardboard – suitable for onward shipment by a parcel service. Smaller displays can also be sealed on cardboard. This way you can simply include the display with your product delivery. Each individual display comes with clear and easy to understand set-up instructions. Your customer can assemble them using the original Werkhaus connecting system without any tools. Or you can order your displays as loose items. This way, you can set up the displays at the customer’s site yourself or pack and ship them – fully assembled and equipped with the various products.