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Modular exhibition stands made from sustainable materials

Clever solutions for your trade fair success

We have remained true to our claim to sustainable products since our beginnings – we produce ecologically socially fair in Germany. Sustainability is a continuous process and we are working on steadily improving our products and manufacturing processes in this sense. In trade fair construction, too, we want to offer solutions that do not end up in the trash after the event, but can be used many times. We use modular solutions and make sure that everything can be packed well so that your exhibition stand is easy to set up and dismantle and can be transported without any problems. Ideally, your exhibited goods as well as smaller structures, banners, etc. disappear into the large, rollable exhibition elements and are thus safely transported.

Wood is our main material

The natural wood panels from which we manufacture exhibition modules consist of three solid wood layers. The middle layer is glued crosswise to the upper and lower cover layer, which gives the panels dimensional stability and offers us versatile usage. Spruce is widespread and one of the most commonly used woods. The spruce wood can be recognized by the distinctive grain, the many knots and the initially almost white color that gradually turns honey yellow. We offer a range of products and furniture with our special gray spruce surface or colored white. We use wood species native to Europe that come from sustainable, certified forestry. All panel materials contain glue of the lowest emission class. The laminated plywood and three-ply panels are glued waterproof and are therefore very durable.

Holz aus nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft

Surface treatment

White or coffee-colored spruce: You can order our exhibition modules in white or with a gray surface. We color our wood with colors that were originally developed for children’s toys and are therefore extremely low in evaporation and environmentally friendly. The paint is applied to the finished milled or lasered parts with the roller. We have developed our own, glaze-like coloring for the gray, coffee-colored surface. The addition of real coffee gives the gray-white color its unique, warm, rustic note. We obtain the unmarketable, no longer edible coffee from Welt Partner.

Directly printed surfaces: With the direct printer, we can print directly onto the wooden surfaces, even with large formats. Whether fully or partially printed, there is a great deal of design freedom for your logo and other imprints. Our printing inks are approved according to the European standard for toy safety. We can print not only MDF, but also birch plywood, three-layer natural wood panels and PET.

If you would like your exhibition module to be provided with a UV protective coating, we can deliver it in the colors natural spruce, white, dark red, dark blue, brown, pastel blue, coffee gray and black

Further materials

When it comes to the other materials for your exhibition stand, we also ensure that alternatives are as sustainable as possible. The light installations use energy-saving LED technology, for example. You can equip your exhibition stand with individually printed textile banners, which we will have manufactured for you. These are hung with ash logs, which are put together with robust metal connections. This means that all parts of your exhibition stand can be set up and dismantled in no time and can be reused at any time.