WERKHAUS sponsors the Lüneburg Heath pavilion on igs

WERKHAUS on igs 2013In August the heath starts to flower. Until October this year you can visit the Pavilion “Lüneburger Heide” on the igs (international garden show) in Hamburg at the southernmost point of the garden show site. And as Werkhaus is green anyway and closely connected with the heathland region, it is no surprise at all that Werkhaus has sponsered the complete presentation area of the Pavilion. Honey and potatoes from the Luneburg Heath as well as moorlands and the Heath sheep are presented on the Werkhaus exhibition system. The shapes of individual single elements like the map of the Luneburg Heath and the wolf are cut out and printed in original colours. The stools that can be assembled very fast show the typical purple and rose-coloured Heath plants of the nature reserve.