Dream project destinature village

With the destinature village, a vision of WERKHAUS founders Eva and Holger Danneberg has come true. “I always wanted to have an accommodation that is sustainable and close to nature, where you arrive by bike and feel at home right away,” says Holger Danneberg. The dream became reality. In September 2019, the first guests arrived at our thoroughly sustainably built and operated holiday accommodation, which is dedicated to providing unique nature experiences. Developing the concept and building the village, was an extremely exciting, not always an easy process. We had to overcome many hurdles to offer our visitors a truly nature-based experience and to build the village respecting the surrounding nature.

Experience nature with all your senses

With the destinature village – acting as a pioneer for a possible franchise system of several villages – WERKHAUS wants to make it possible to experience nature in sustainably produced huts that have been specially developed for this purpose. This will offer opportunities for observation and overnight stays close to nature tourism routes. The activities of the destinature village include nature conservation education, environmental education, and education for sustainable development. The concept is designed to attract a broad group: affordable and easy to reach, destinature villages have been designed for solo travelers as well as for groups.

“We want to give an impulse for sustainable tourism in the biosphere reserve beyond the region,” said project manager Britta Lüpke at the beginning of the project implementation in June 2018.

The construction of the destinature village was funded by the ‘Landscape Values’ directive of the state of Lower Saxony. State Secretary Frank Doods handed over the funding notification to WERKHAUS owners Eva and Holger Danneberg and destinature team leader Britta Lüpke.

The “Landscape Values” guideline supports sustainable projects related to Lower Saxony’s natural and cultural landscape heritage in the National Natural Landscapes (national parks, biosphere reserves and nature parks). This also includes cooperation with partner enterprises. In addition, special projects in the field of biodiversity that have a particular ecological, but also economic and social added value are funded.