The perfect corner desk with customised shelf units

Kleiner Eckreibtisch in Weiß

Corner desk with shelves- off to the corner with creative room concepts

The corner desk with a shelf made of wooden boxes is not a Swiss Army knife. But pretty close! Furniture now comes in an upgraded version and can be extended at any time: either with a shelf on top or with more desk space for working. The basis is always the corner desk with at least 2-4 wooden boxes.

Parts for the basic corner desk kit:

  •  4 × wooden boxes optionally in spruce grey, spruce white, spruce natural, neon or pastel

  • 2 × short connectors
  • Corner desk in spruce grey or spruce white
Weißer Eckschreibtisch aus Holz mit Regal

A desk is the centrepiece for a happy working life and creative working processes, so set up your workplace perfectly!

Have you already planned your custom-made corner desk?

Extend it now according to your needs with a shelf top or with a shelf add-on made of various box types. Add more features such as: drawers, boxes, doors or waste paper baskets and place them in the shelving compartments. All shelving units can be exchanged at any time to match your working style. Everything is possible, nothing is fixed! Whenever you want each unit can be easily moved and rearranged.

IInspirations for workflow solutions at the corner desk:

Innovation waste paper basket?

The waste paper basket must be close to the desk, that’s a fact. But there, it will definitely be in your way. Why not include the waste paper basket in the top shelf? Just open it and wipe the paper scraps off the surface and you’re done!

Papierkorb in weiß als Einsatz für das Regalsystem WERKBOX

DIN A4 files a pain in the eye?

The classic DIN A4 file disappears in the double-width wooden box WERKBOX 2.1. . The door in different colours or coated with blackboard paint matches the colour of the shelf or can be creatively and individually decorated with chalk.

Türeinsatz mit Tafellack für Regale | Regalzubehör
Platzsparender Eckschreibtisch mit Regalaufsatz und viel Stauraum

The small corner desk with a shelf top in white spruce is extended all around the corner with the wooden box “ECKREGAL “and a wall unit above the table top and offers maximum storage space for files and documents.

Colour concept:

Choose from six shelf and compartment front colours to reflect your personal living style. These colours are available: Natural, golden yellow, dark red, dark grey, white, black and blackboard paint.