A coworking space discovers the WERKHAUS connecting system

A coworking space discovers the WERKHAUS connecting system

Furniture from furniture shops reaches its limits when a move is coming up or flexible solutions are required. This is completely different with furniture built with the connecting system from sustainable production. The coworking space in the Alte Ölmühle in Wittenberge chose the modular wooden furniture with the WERKHAUS connecting system to equip its offices. A lightweight worktable with the connecting system is not only set up and taken down quickly, it can even be moved around easily each day thanks to its low weight. At the coworking workplace, it is possible to work focused with like-minded people and the working atmosphere enables excellent networking with interesting people.

Coworking Space furniture from WERKHAUS
Vertical garden from WERKHAUS

The stackable Vertical Garden Modules from WERKHAUS can be stacked to form a translucent room divider with plants. An upside-down Vertical Garden Module even becomes a side table for a reading corner. A creative solution!

rolliing container - werkhaus furnitur form coworking spaces

Mobile containers made of wooden boxes are suitable for the flexibility in the coworking space, fulfilling several functions with their modular elements and different heights. For example, it serves not only as storage space, but also as a high table.

Desk from WERKHAUS

Mobile pedestals made of wooden boxes are made for flexibility in a coworking space. They can be moved to where they are needed at any time.

The stackable wooden wall garden with fresh herbs and lettuce is an invitation to cook and supplies coworkers with delicious cooking ingredients. 

Plant furniture vertical garden from WERKHAUS

The built-in coffee kitchen is integrated into the workspace and encourages conversation and networking.

Coffee station

Plants absorbers the noise

Fresh plants in a wooden planter provide a relaxed atmosphere and improve the indoor climate. By the way, large plants are real sound absorbers and reduce the noise level in the room.

Plants absorbs noise in the coworking space
Lounge furniture WERKHAUS

A lounge corner is a must in a coworking space! Here you can work comfortably on upholstered furniture with the connecting system that matches the WERKBOX shelving system.

Wooden WERKBOX shelf

The connected shelving units from the WERKBOX wooden box fit into any room. They offer a lot of storage space.