An individual wheel loader for the employees

Atlas Weyhausen GmbH has been manufacturing agricultural and construction machinery for around 50 years.

Together with the company, we have developed a miniature version of a wheel loader as a pencil box. The original “Weycor” logo is printed on several spots on the vehicle.

“Your excavator pen box made us curious. Our management was very keen on the idea of producing our own model,” reports Holger Wagner from Atlas Weyhausen. After customising the model according to the company’s model, the graphic design, and the approval of the sample, 2500 units rolled off the production line in our company.

The mini wheel loaders were distributed throughout the trade organisation and are now there found on every desk.

“In the meantime, a competition is running for the fastest and correct assembling of the pencil box “, Holger Wagner tells us.

We are incredibly happy about the successful cooperation.